Meeting your expectations.
We understand that having building works done is not always a breeze… Architects, Structural engineers, surveyor’s, building control and regulations may be a handful and tricky to navigate, it can be emotional and time-consuming.
Done Deal, Happy Custemers
We have created a clear and easy to understand and navigate guide that will explain the process from start to finish, address and answer any worries that you may have - no matter if you are ready and keen to get the hammers in or just starting to put together the vision of how the works will improve quality of life for you and your close ones.
If you want to begin your journey and find out what we do differently to other building companies get in touch and we will be happy to get to know you.

We operate to the same core criteria by signing a code of practice that includes insurance, good health, safety practices and customer care operating to Government Endorsed Standards. Ensuring excellent customer service, you can be confident in dealing with a company that offers excellent customer service and listens to our customer’s needs from start to finish.


Code of Conduct

  • A job undertaken by R.T Builders & Decorators, Ltd will be of a sufficiently high standard, both in thoroughness and neatness to make a good and lasting job.


  • Each job undertaken is to be completed with the highest quality materials available, within the given budget.


  • R T Builders & Decorators LTD will always offer expert advice and recommendations before any work is undertaken or material is bought.


  • R T Builders & Decorators LTD staff are expected to remain polite and courteous at all times, ensuring a good working relationship between R T Builders & Decorators LTD and the client.


  • Whether quoted on a day work basis or finished job basis, the final price quoted
    by R T Builders & Decorators LTD will be the final price to pay. The cost of any extra work must be agreed with the client before commencement.


  • Any quote given will be fair, reasonable and competitive, both to the client and
    R T Builders & Decorators LTD.


  • Throughout the duration of the job, R T Builders & Decorators LTD will endeavour to keep the job site as clean and as tidy as possible, leaving the site in a reasonable condition after each day’s work.


  • R T Builders & Decorators LTD will do everything their power to keep inconvenience to the client at an absolute minimum throughout the job duration.


  • Throughout the undertaking of the job, R T Builders & Decorators LTD will keep the client informed as much as possible and ensure open communication on a regular basis.


  • A client will be informed as accurately as possible when a job can be completed. To this end, R T Builders & Decorators LTD must complete the work in the time specified.


  • R T Builders & Decorators LTD is expected to comply with all regulations  regarding health and safety on all aspects of products used.


  • R T Builders & Decorators LTD is expected to comply with appropriate standards and codes of practice at all times.